The Maldives

The best time to visit the Maldives is May to November. Although you'll experience some rain during the southwestern monsoon that occurs at this time, you'll have the least company and best prices at the resorts. Plus, surfers will catch the best waves, and divers will see the most life on the reefs. December to April is the high season, which encounters the drier northeast monsoon. And while the Maldives never sees overcrowding, room rates will increase. If you can afford a trip now, you’ll have less humidity and slightly warmer temps—in a word, "ideal."

May - November

*Best Time to Visit


Average Prices

$15,000 Business Class

$7,000 Economy Class


This long low season has a lot going for it: Fairly reasonable prices, fewer people at the resorts, and optimal surf and scuba conditions are just some of the perks. You'll encounter some brief periods of heavy rainfall, but storms usually move through the archipelago quickly. And you can expect the Maldives' standard 80-degree temperatures during the day and night.


Key Events:


  • Huravee Day (July)

  • Independence Day (July 26)

  • Ramadan (August-October, 30 days)

  • Victory Day (November 3)

  • Republic Day (November 11)


December - April

$19,000 Business Class

$11,000 Economy Class


For sunbathers, the Maldives is glorious between December and April. As usual, visitors enjoy the warm, tropical 80s, and rainfall is infrequent during these months. However, the sea life among the reefs is also less plentiful. Plus, room rates are at their peak.



Key Events:


  • National Day (January)

  • Fisherman’s Day (December 10)










Sample Maldives Vacation Package

A trip from Miami to the Maldieves will generally take you about 30 hours.  We recommend you travel tuse business class for this trip. Flying Business Class will double the cost of your trip.  So first major decision for you will be cost vs comfort. 

Economy Class

Business Class


3 Year Plan


Economy Class 


36 Payments

$195 per month


Business Class 


36 Payments

$416 per month


5 Year Plan

Economy Class 


60 Payments

$116 per month


Business Class 


60 Payments

$250 per month


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